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All The Time In The World
All The Time In The World CD
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All The Time In The World CD
At Long Last...Christmas CD
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"All The Time In The World," is the breathtaking new CD from Lowen & Navarro. It features 14 new tracks penned by the duo in their inimitable style - confessional yet self-effacing - with stories of the heart, mind and soul that only Lowen & Navarro could write. Behind the vocal harmonies, guitar jangle, and upbeat sonic approach, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro bring real life themes--love, loss, family, yearning--all in their compelling, maddening glory.

Tracks (Click Title To Listen):
  1. Compass Point
  2. All The Time In The World
  3. Cold Outside
  4. How Mighty Is The Silence
  5. The Devil's In The Details
  6. Emergency
  7. If You Loved Me Like That
  1. Raining In My Eyes
  2. Legacy
  3. The Grace Notes
  4. If I Was The Rain
  5. Old Riverside
  6. The Opposite of Everything
  7. Green Haired Girl
"Neck deep in integrity and oozing talent" -- Bob Edwards, NPR's Morning Edition

"Simply the best duet on the American pop scene, Lowen & Navarro do things with harmonies not even approached by other artists." -- Gary Alexander, Woodstock Times

"A certain kind of magic takes place when they sing." -- JD Considine, Baltimore Sun

"A few notches beyond stunning." -- Ellen Geisel, Dirty Linen Magazine

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Eric Lowen
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